Turntable, the first
professional DJ Deck on iPad !

Turntable is designed, optimized and developed by professional DJs. With high stability and ultra low latency, it is tailored for a live use and fits perfectly with DJ hardware such as mixers or effect boxes. It interfaces with your audio library and uses the highest audio quality (up to 192khz, 32 bit).

Launch price only $5.99 !


Unlike any other DJing application, Turntable offers a brand new mixing experience on iPad, reproducing only the features expected on a real DJ Deck.


  • Most accomplished and precise scratch emulation.
  • Extremely precise waveform, combined with three zoom levels.
  • Advanced FWD/REV speed adjustment for beatmatching
  • Precise Cue, instant Cue/Play.
  • Advanced pitch control, with fine-tune and automation
  • Pitch Bend : 6, 8, 10, 16, WIDE with pitch reset function.
  • Pitch lock time stretching (similar to master tempo)
  • Instant reverse play
  • CD Mode
  • Accurate calculation of BPM
  • BPM tap
  • Key finding algorithm for harmonic mixing (Camelot system)

    Hot Cues

  • 3 ultra low latency, ergonomic and gapless hot cues
  • Beat detection for a precise beat match.
  • Cue points are saved from one session to another


  • Ultra low latency loops
  • In / Out / Exit / Reloop
  • Quantized length of loops (1/8, 1/4 , 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16)
  • Smart loop length - modify on the fly, adjust with IN / OUT buttons
  • IN/OUT loop cut selection.
  • Reverse IN/OUT loops.


  • Large X/Y touch zone, with hold effect option
  • Real time spectrum display
  • 3 X/Y High Fidelity filters - Low pass, Band pass and High Pass
  • 6 DSP filters - Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Beat Roll, Beat Gate, Ping Pong
  • Add up to 9 effects on the same iPad
  • Phaser, Beat Roll and Beat Gate are quantized to match beats.

    Track browser

  • Use tracks from iTunes library
  • Possibility to sort tracks by Artist, Song, Album, BPM, length or key
  • Browse all tracks or a particular playlist.
  • BPM, Cue points and Waveform analysis and storage
  • Mass analysis of tracks with BPM calculation, waveform and key finding
  • Tracks played during a same session are highlighted.
  • Supports timecoded tracks for NI Traktor or Rane Serato


  • Advanced settings (Jog adjust, pitch bend, autocue...)
  • Three vinyl colors : Black, white and red
  • Screenshots

    Main view


    Track browser

    Red Vinyl

    White Vinyl



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